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How to Start a Blog in 2020 for Beginners

Hello Friends are u wondering how to start a blog and want to start a new Website for Business or for personal use?

This I think you Taken Good Decision,

 This is the one of the best decision I have take in my life to start a Blog.

How to start a Blog 

What you Have to do for this?

 Not only creating a website is all over Done, Are you want to make income from your website Through Blogging which make your life Financial independent  and it’s help to you live Life like as a Boss? So, starting a blog is the first step to make you success.

After Reading this post thoroughly surely you will start your blog today and make a path for your success.

Starting a blog is not too complicated but all you need good guidance which Help you to start your blog.

In this post I’m providing you 7 Excellent steps to start your Profitable Blog without doing a mistake and some Tips which helps you to Monetized.

Let’s Start….


Starting a Blog 

Step-1: Choose a Niche for your Blog

This is the most important part and many blogger are stuck at this point.You know? That many blogger fail in bogging because they choose the niche they don’t passionate about.

Niche is like a topic but not a Simple as you think they have serval topics in it. Choosing a good niche for your website boost not boost your website but also boost your traffic and choosing small niche help reader to remember your website name.

Bad Niche is the main reason to lose a game in the beginning.

Are you still confused?

 Let take an example for this…..
Currently, there are many profitable niche which you can start your blog but I don’t suggest you to purchase that because always purchased that niche in which you are interested in that and if u start a blog without interest just making money it’s don’t work and will be bored and quit blogging for sure.

So, How you can find the perfect niche that make you success in blogging.
You just have to focus on 2 factor before choosing a Niche For your website .


1.     Are you able to make money from that?
2.    They have enough affiliate program or not?
3.    Whether Niche is having a good volume of keywords or not?


·       Are you interested to work on that niche?
·       Can you share the article of that niche?
·       Can you solve problem with your writing on that niche?

Step-2: Choose a Good Domain for your Blog

Domain name is very important for your website, if u thinking u will not buy domain name then delete that thinking because without domain name you can’t create website. Here, you can easily select the domain name.

Before purchasing domain name keep in mind this Few things

·       Keep it Short & Simple

If you choose long domain name it create for you problem because it’s not always remember to everyone. If you choose short & simple domain name it’s help you to boost traffic on your website and also help visitor to remember your website name.  

·       Use Keywords

You can use your main keywords in your domain name it’s help you to boost in SEO.

·       Don’t use number

Don’t try to use number in your domain name it’s not good for you because numbers not easily remember.

Step-3: Find a Good Web Hosting Provider and Domain

For making a website you must need a good web hosting if you have a website. Without hosting website (Domain) not visible in Google search engine.

Good web hosting Help you to lot not only for traffic boosting but also for SEO.

Domain Name –

The domain name is the name of the website which readers types in the browser.

Example of Domain Name:

1.      Https:// (Hypertext transfer protocol)
2.    www (the subdomain)
3.    get2grip (Domain name)
4.     .com ( Top Level Domain)

 .net, , .gov , .job  and many more but I recommend only .com because it’s browse globally.

Web Hosting –

A web hosting is a place where u host your domain name and you can store all your files of your blog are stored and show your blog lives when someone tries to access that. Hosting  is like a Hard Desk of your computer where u can save everything in one place.

Good Website For Adsense 

Step-4: Set up your wordpress Blog (whatever Blog provider you want to work)

There are many blog provider where u can host your domain name with hosting like Blogger but I always recommend you if u want to earn money from blogging then you have to move Wordpress Blog it’s provide you lots of option to customized your website.

Step-5: Choose Theme for your Blog

In blogging, designing of the blog matter because if you don’t have a good design so you are losing lots of traffic and audience. Good design helps to build more trust towards your readers.  

After setting up Wordpress blog you have to first customized your theme which help visitor to know more about your website.

Before choosing any theme you have to check few things …

·        Make sure that premium themes which you are using theme are lightweight and easy to use.
·       Check that the theme is compatible with your latest Wordpress version.
·       Always check that theme is Responsive.
·       Support is the main things to always check  it’s responsive to your visitors.

Step-6: Some Essential Plugin for your Blog

Always use essential Plugin for your blog if possible go for paid plugin it’s boost your website traffic, many time I see that people go for free plugin that not essential for your website and it don’t work much  .

Step-7: Write and Publish your first blog post and make it Live.

 It’s All Done!

Your website is ready now you have to write your First Post and Publish it so that reader can visit on your Website and you overall Boost your traffic by publishing Good Content Post.

I will suggest you to provide that content only which are usefull for your reader don’t provide useless content that not only give you spam rate in Google but also decrease chances of getting rank in Google.

For Creating a blog post you have to go: Dashboard>Post> Add New
After that you can land on the page where u can write stunning post.  

Extra point to remember   

Always I use to provide some extra Bonus to our Readers so that they can get Benefit from this.

Remember always write content that contain keywords related to your domain name It’s not only boost your traffic but also help to get unique visitor from Globally.

I also recommend you to always right Long-Tails keywords because it’s easier to rank.

I hope you enjoyed this post,If you want more post like this and i think many of you have same problem I also have at my time and I use this strategy to avoid sleeping during studying time sometime we don't aware of this so, I am coming with a new article which help to manage you to stay Motivate .

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