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How to Get Rid of Sleep When Studying

Hi friends, welcome to our website Get2grip. Here I am going to talk about some of the tricks that does not make you feel sleep while studying.

Avoid sleeping During Study

              Sleep is the best buddy of all of us especially while studying. Studying is not something that everyone enjoys. while we listen the word that we have to study automatically from some where else the sleep comes. Here some of the best tips to make you Rid of sleep when Studying.

Before starting this article let remember this few mantra that help you to awake last long

2 glass of water, Bright Light to study, Cold water to wash your face  

Drink water in middle of your study and always use bright light to study in between if you still feel sleepy use cold water to wash your face.


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Drink water:

No one can sit and concentrate for a longer time while studying. To make concentration we need a break in between.

So before you sit to study keep a bottle of water. While studying in some of the gapes just drink water. It gives a quick break and helps to refresh.

Drinking water in between will also increase your energy and improve productivity. So drink water when you feel tired or sleepy. If you are studying in a public place, find a place sit near the water fountain.

Drinking more of water makes your blood flow in your brain and make you feel more alert.


The most important is that your study room must be well-lighted. The lighting in the study room is the factor that makes you feel sleepy or active.

Just avoid dim or even worse, completely dark room that affects your eyes. Make your study room well-lighting like a library, café, show rooms or other public building. Study next to the lamp.

Keep moving:

Studying in a constant place makes you feel bored and sleepy. When you feel sleepy try to tap your foot, chewing gum, etc. Don’t chew pencils and pens. Play with a fidget toy, squishy ball, or hand squeezers.

Cup Of Coffee awake you 

 If you feel tired or sleepy, stand up and move around your room while studying. It will make you less drowsy. At times it enhances concentration. Avoid studying continuously without break. Take a break of atleast 5 to 10 minutes after every 45 to 50 min.

Read loud:

Read out loud while studying move around in your room. Reading loud will help you to reduce the chances of feeling sleepy more often.

It is linked with the logic that listening to your own voice makes the environment less boring and keeps you awake. Listening to our own voice make us to remember quickly.

Sit in straight position.

Do not sit and study in bed or sofa that makes you feel lazy, eventually makes you feel sleepy. If you lie on the bed that makes your mind command to sleep. Sit on a chair with flat back.

It will help you to stay awake and alert while studying.

Coffee or tea:

 It’s common to all of us when we study we feel sleepy and very tired. So one of the best tip is to have a coffee or tea. Coffee or tea helps you to get rid of your sleep. Coffee that increases wakefulness, attentiveness, gives you energy and makes you focus on your studies.

Listen to music:

 listening to music also helps you to be awake. Someone will recommend this while other hand someone feels distracted.

Listening music makes you active and be awake. Don’t listen slow music, play loud and energetic music that makes your brain active and effectively wake you.

I hope you enjoyed this post,If you want more post like this and i think many of you have same problem I also have at my time and I use this strategy to avoid sleeping during studying time sometime we don't aware of this so, I am coming with a new article which help to manage you to stay Motivate .

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