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Want to know how to increase your memory power in this busy schedule?

Tips to Increase memory Power

Good Decision,

You know, Today lack of people suffering of loss of memory, many have temporary loss of memory so thousand of them loss their memory forever. Because of giving lot’s of time to Internet and Brain can’t manage lots of things without proper diet.
Aahh! Really it’s So sad….

Do you ever Think why this happening?

How we overcome from this situation?

How we can increase our Memory Power?

Before starting First we will be knowing what memory is and how it’s works?

  Memory is like a device that is used to store the information, the childhood memories ectsin our brain.

           Most of them says that “I can’t remember anymore!” or “my memory is so bad” is not true is just because of their negative thinking. But we all know that memory can be improved with training and practice. To improve the memory process, it helps to understand how memory works. Experts often describe the memory process as having three components.

·     Sensory memory,
 Is the mind’s brief recognition of what we see, hear, touch, smell, or taste. There is no need for us to record it. When we pay attention to a sensory impression, however, it enters the second component of memory, known as “working memory”.

·     Working memory May be equated with conscious thought:
The small amount of material that can be held in the mind at any given moment. Most experts believe that working memory can hold no more than six or seven items. This material will be discarded in five to ten seconds unless it is either continually repeated or stored in long-term memory.

·     Long-term memory,
 The memory bank is the largest component of the memory system. Its storage space is practically limitless. It holds information that was learned as recently as few minutes ago and as long as many decades. This memory refers to any information that is stored for potential recollection.

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Here are best six tips to increase your memory power

Don't Forget to follow this steps 

1.  The most important is Believe in Yourself. Don’t let negatives things defeat you. If you expect to fail then you won’t even try. Focus your attention on what you really want to remember. Before you blame your memory, ask yourself if you were really paying attention.

2. Give yourself plenty of time. People of all ages forget more frequently when they are rushing. You may also find that you need more time for learning new information and for recalling information from long-term memory. Give yourself a little additional time and see if it helps in helps in encoding and retrieving information.

3. Use all of your senses. When you say something aloud, you hear the sound. When you write something down, you see the words. If you want to remember the size or shape of something, use your sense of touch. Smell and taste are very powerful in triggering memories from long ago.

4. Be organized. The old saying ‘A place for everything, and everything in its place” is good advice for memory improvement. Make a decision to improve your organization skills in whatever ways are important to you. If you routinely put your keys, glasses, purse, and bills in the same place, you will not waste time searching for them.

5. Relax. Tension interferes with the memory process; relaxing often lets the memory come to the surface. When you feel anxious about the possibility of forgetting, you may become preoccupied with the anxiety and unable to concentrate on recalling the needed information. The solution is to take a deep breath and relax; frequently the information will come to you.

6. Laugh. Laughter breaks the tension of forgetting and keeps a memory lapse in perspective. When you start to tell a friend about a book you are reading and can’t remember the title, admit that the word just escaped your mind, and laugh. Everyone has had that experience and can empathize.

Following Fruit Help you to increase your memory power is

Fruit That help to Increase Your Memory Power

·    Green Vegetables

Leafy greens such as kale, spinach, collards, and broccoli are rich in brain-healthy nutrients like vitamin K it’s help to you increase your memory power within a month if you follow proper diet plan.

·    Apples

A new study show Drinking apples juice increase memory power faster if u use proper diet plan also eating  1 or 2 apple  daily may help you to increase your memory power.

·    Peanuts and Peanut butter

Peanuts not only help you to increase your memory power but also its help to decrease the chances of cancer. Eating peanuts daily are a good source of Vitamine-E.

·    Whole Grains

Healthy whole grains like brown rice, whole grain bread, oatmeal and even popcorn contain fibres and vitamins that improve blood flow throughout the brain and help memory function. 

·    Dark Chocolate

Eating dark chocolate decrease the stress and help to remember things easily, it’s not only increase your thinking power but also help to take less stress.

·    Nut, Almonds and Avocados

Nut and almonds can be considered “brain food.” Healthy levels of vitamin E which help to preserve memory power Longer.

Avocados contain vitamin k and also its help brain to function better.

I hope you enjoyed this post,If you want more post like this and i think many of you suffering this memory loss power sometime we don't aware of this so, I am coming with a new article which help to manage your daily diet routine and give you More power.

Share this methods to your love one If You believing Sharing is Caring  also share your any good method with us in Comment Box which you followed and got Result.

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